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Rentals in Málaga

Yes, Strollaround arrives to Málaga!


Now we also deliver throughout Málaga. Forget about carring around: the stroller, car seat or cot and enjoy traveling with your kids.

What kind of deliveries do we make?

We deliver and pick up wherever you tell us. We can bring it to your hotel, your in-laws ‘house, your airbnb, friends’ house, etc.

All our deliveries are done in 48 hours, that is why we recommand to reserve your baby gear at least 48 hours before the delivery date.

Do you need a stroller, a travel cot or a car seat for your child or baby in Málaga?

Do not hesitate, StrollAround is the solution to your logistic headaches. Traveling with the little ones is much simpler than you think, WE take care of everything.

As a reminder. All deliveries and picks up are made in strips of 2 hours, that is, if you ask us for your order at 9 in the morning, it can be delivered or picked up between 9 and 11 in the morning. Traffic is complicated and we prefer that you be advised.

Rent a stroller
100% compatible
with the demands
of airline cabin.

Rent travel cot
convenient and simple.

Rent a car seat
and enjoy your trips
with the greatest security.

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