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Reservation of material  through the Internet shall only become effective after acceptance by the client of these general terms and conditions. These general terms and conditions, as well as prices, may be subject to possible amendments without prior notice by StrollAround. The general terms and conditions shall be displayed on the StrollAround web at the time the client makes the reservation.

The texts and photographs used on the web are not contractual. There may be variations or changes in colour which, in any case, shall not affect the validity of the rental.

“You” and “We”: as used in this contract  mean the client and StrollAround. The rental service stated consists of providing material for a certain period of time. The present geographic scope covered is that of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. For deliveries outside that area, we reserve the right not to perform deliveries, or to do so at an additional cost. Payments must always be made in advance.

In case of reimbursement of the amount by international transfer, StrollAround shall only bear the transfer commissions applicable to its national bank, and the client shall pay commissions of the receiving or international bank.

Material: means a set that is inseparable from baby material, directions for use, packaging and accessories, if any. The material fulfils all the European standards.

Working day: refers to all the days from Monday to Saturday, excluding Sunday.

The rental agreement shall be established through an order that shall be made by e-mail and we shall validate this at least 5 working days prior to commencement of the rental period. The order shall be validated following these steps:

– order request

– receipt of the order and its confirmation by StrollAround with an order number and the total amount

– acceptance of the general terms and conditions by the client

– validation of the order

– payment of the amount through our payment platform

– confirmation of receipt of payment and validation of the order by StrollAround

The order shall be validated on receipt of its payment, at least 5 working days prior to commencement of the rental period.

Payment may be made by credit card or Paypal.

Should you wish to extend the initial rental period, the amount pending must be paid on the day of collection at the latest.

All mails, faxes, etc. between StrollAround and the client may be considered proof of correspondence and commitment between us and the client. All personal data shall be stored, specifically insisting on the validity as proof of said information with regard to the orders requested by the client. These electronic files shall constitute a valid proof and shall be considered in the same way as any written document.

StrollAround uses an Internet payment gateway on a virtual PoS platform, which guarantees a secure means of payment, and without third parties having access to the information during the payment process. All prices are in euro (€) and include VAT. Shipping costs are not included.

Once the client has made the order and after it is confirmed by us, we shall inform you of the total price of the order including  shipping expenses. Shipping expenses (delivery and collection) are as follows:

– Shipping costs are free for all orders that are delivered and collected in the city of Barcelona and surrounding area (by surrounding area we refer to any delivery within a 10 km radius) (either for rental of material, sales of products or both).

– For deliveries outside the metropolitan and surrounding area, shipping costs shall be calculated according to the place of delivery, the volume and weight of the order. The client shall be duly informed of such shipping costs before formalising the order

The rental term commences on the date the material is delivered according to the conditions described, at the place you have specified.

The rental period ends when all the material is returned to us and, after we check it is in proper condition. Prior agreement with us, the client may extend the rental period. In that case, billing shall be made on the basis of the final part of the rental term (applying discounts, if any) and the conditions of the agreement shall extend until the end date of the new rental period.

The rental period may not be less than 1 day.

In some cases, we may refuse to rent the material; some such cases may be:

– lack of stock

– the client has not made the relevant payment at least 5 days prior to the delivery date

– the client refuses to pay the order and/or deposit

You undertake to rent the material only for private use and for the purpose for which it has been rented.

You must verify the material at the moment of delivery and check that it is in a proper condition, clean and operational. If you were to observe any anomaly or defect, you must immediately inform us so we may replace the material as quickly as possible.

You must take care of the material, watch over and assemble and disassemble it following the directions delivered to you.

StrollAround accepts no responsibility for damages caused to property or third parties as a consequence of the use of the material by the client during the rental term.

The material shall be delivered to the client in perfect conditions and with the accessories and relevant packaging or wrappers (bags, plastic, etc). Said packaging is a part of the material and must thus be kept and handled with care by the client during the rental period.

StrollAround shall not accept any complaints regarding the state of the material that has not previously been pointed out during delivery of same. If there is no report to state the contrary and the material delivery sheet is signed without any observation whatsoever, the material shall be understood to have been delivered in a proper working condition, and it must be returned to us in the same state.

In the event of theft, the client must contact the local police and report the theft to the competent authorities. After doing so, the client has a term of 12 hours to contact StrollAround and provide us a copy of the police report.

StrollAround reserves the right to charge the full price of the product.

At the end of the rental period, you must return to us the material in good condition. We shall only accept minor defects due to reasonable wear and tear of the product.

We shall have 3 days to verify the state of the material returned and check that it works, has all the pieces and components and is in a proper condition.

If after the material is returned, damages not due to reasonable wear and tear are detected, you must pay 50€ for repair costs.

If the material is returned with severe damage and failures, that affect its operation and safety, that make the equipment or material temporarily or permanently unusable, making it unfeasible to continue to rent it, the client must take charge of the repair or replacement cost of the product.

Loss of any part or abnormal wear and tear of the material or the accessories attached may be penalised by charging the client the amount of 50€.

If the material has not been returned to StrollAround within 48 hours of the end of the rental period, it shall be considered to have become the client’s property and StrollAround shall charge the full cost of the product.

Prices of each products:

Stroller Nitro: 135 €

Stroller Pact: 192 €

Stroller Air Twin: 221 €

Car seat I-Gemm: 170 €

Travel cot Illusion: 192 €

Travel cot Allura: 120 €

Delivery of the material shall be performed directly by StrollAround or through a carrier appointed by us.

The service timetable is Monday to Sunday, from 9:00AM to 9:00PM (we recommend planning  deliveries / collections within the timetable) at the address requested by the client and always with prior appointment arranged between the client and StrollAround by e-mail, fax or telephone. If the delivery address is different than that of collection, the client must inform StrollAround in the order, or at least 48 hours in advance.

The time requested by the client is not contractually binding and StrollAround reserves the right to change it should it need to adjust timetables, due to limitations on activity or other causes of force majeure. If the client is not present in the place and at the time stated, we shall attempt to contact the client to arrange a new delivery time. In such a case, we reserve the right to deliver the material once the rental period has started and to charge an additional delivery cost, as well as to rent the material to another client if unable to contact you.

StrollAround accepts no responsibility for delays due to reasons beyond its control, such as extraordinary weather conditions, diversions or traffic interruptions in public thoroughfares, delay in returning the material by another client, strikes or delays in public transport or other causes of force majeure. StrollAround may not be held liable for the consequences of such instances nor be required by the client or any third party to pay a compensation.

The client accepts the conditions described herein and is bound to fulfil them during the rental term and until having returned  the material rented to StrollAround or the carrier appointed by it. Until that moment, the client shall be held responsible and undertakes to take care of the material rented.

Cancellation is free as long as it is performed before 3 working days have elapsed from the delivery date agreed. Should orders be cancelled with less advance notice, StrollAround shall apply a 15€ fee. This rate will be 100% of the amount of the orders cancelled less than 24 hours in advance. If cancellation is made 3 working days prior to the delivery date, we will reimburse you the full amount of the reservation fee.

This contract between the client and StrollAround shall be governed by and construed under the laws applicable in Catalonia. Any dispute or claim arising out of or relating to the contract shall be brought in the Courts of Barcelona.

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