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Tips for traveling with children

16/03/2018, Author: Lucia Segurajauregui

Traveling with your family requires planning in advance, taking into account all the things our children might need.

So that everything falls into place and we enjoy the experience to the fullest we must program the activities, check the weather to wear the right clothes, carry the documentation and the sanitary cards, you also have to prepare a basic daily bag, a first aid kit, and dispose of a stroller if what we want is to have long walks.

Schedule activities:

We recommend consulting information about exhibitions in museums, shows, plays or kids friendly events. There are many portals that offer all this information. In the StrollAround blog we have highlighted a couple of museums and kid friendly activities.

Check the forecast:

Depending on the season of the year in which you travel to Barcelona, especially in spring and summer, it is necessary to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, water, or even a hat to protect the small ones from the heat and sun.

Documentation and health cards:

Something as obvious as carrying a small bag with the documentation of our children can facilitate emergency management in the worst case. That is why it is essential to carry the DNI or the NIE, the book of vaccines, the health card, a document that picks up allergies in case of suffering any, or any other that specifies indispensable information if you have to go to the emergency room.

Basic and First-aid kit:

It is also essential to prepare a basic daily kit, according to your day plans and family needs with the basic; snacks, wet wipes, diapers and a change of clothes. Do not forget to bring a portable changing table as not all establishments are equipped with one. In summer, mosquitoes may be your worst enemy, a bag with bandaids, disinfectants and some medicine against fever will solve any unforeseen event. Above all, it is important to remember that during the hottest seasons you have to hydrate well.

Take a stroller:

If your children’s age ranges between 0-6 years, we also recommend having a stroller on the days you plan to walk routes. It is worth visiting the city in this way since Barcelona is relatively small and we want to avoid tantrums of exhausted children. You can walk through Gracia, go down Las Ramblas, walk the port to the beach and then continue along the promenade. You can visit parks, the old town, make the modernist and / or medieval route, among many other things.

Emergency contacts: 

Emergency phone: 112

National police: 091

Health phone: 061
(responds to health questions and offers health advice)

Pharmacy locator

Text by María Papadopoulos Blánquez

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